Prepaid Maintenance

IAS Prepaid Maintenance

Prepaid maintenance has been proven as a highly effective way dealerships can attract customers back to the service department. However, not all prepaid maintenance programs are created equal. So why is the prepaid maintenance program from IAS better? The IAS program is 100% dealer controlled. What does that mean?

The dealer decides:

  • What services to include in the prepaid maintenance program
  • What the reimbursement rates will be
  • How frequently services can be redeemed
  • How many years the customer has to redeem services

In addition, one of the key benefits in the program is that the dealer has complete control of the service reimbursement dollars because they never leave the store. 100% of the spoilage dollars are retained by the dealership.

The IAS PPM is a turn-key solution that interfaces seamlessly with the dealer's DMS, which allows for hassle-free integration and reporting. And what's more, an IAS representative will installation and setup - on site!

The IAS PPM program comes with a complete suite of dealer branded marketing materials and displays.

Customer retention software is the power behind the program. The proprietary software is 100% customizable with an easy user interface that allows the dealer to see which customers are coming back, how much they are spending and keeps them coming back with automatic emails.

For more information about the IAS PPM program, call today at 800.346.6469, e-mail us, or register for IAS product information.

All IAS product warranties must be purchased from an issuing dealer. Please see your dealer for more information.

IAS products vary by state, form, and date. Information contained on this web page is general information only. Please see contract for the specific terms and conditions of coverage.