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IAS offers best-in-class aftermarket products.

Windshield Products - Crystal Fusion, Windshield Repair/Replacement

Windshield Repair/Replacement

IAS' Windshield Repair or Replacement program covers stars, chips or cracks to the front windshield caused by road hazards. The Windshield Repair process bonds the glass together, restores strength to the windshield, improves the break's appearance and prevents the break from spreading. If the windshield can not be repaired, it is replaced at no charge.

Benefits of IAS Windshield Repair or Replacement Program:

  • Windshield replacement can cost as much as $1000 or more.
  • A professional technician will repair your damaged windshield. If unrepairable, your windshield will be replaced.
  • Saves on costly windshield deductible.
  • Three or five year plans available.

For more information about the IAS Windshield Repair or Replacement program, call today at 800.346.6469, e-mail us, or register for IAS product information.

Crystal Fusion

IAS partners with Crystal Fusion Technologies to apply their windshield product that helps keep vehicle windshields cleaner and stronger while significantly improving hazards associated with night glare and chips and cracks. More than just a coating that can peel and blister over time, Crystal Fusion molecularly fuses with glass to form a hydrophobic barrier enhancing visibility and strengthening the glass.

Roadside Assistance Products - R.O.A.D. Star

The ROAD Star program is an affordable once a year windshield repair program packaged with full 24-hour roadside assistance.

Windshield repair covers any small cracks, stars or chips on the front windshield through a permanent process that bonds the glass together, restores strength, improves the break’s appearance and prevents it from spreading.

Additional Roadside Assistance Benefits include:

  • Towing assistance
  • Battery service
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Fuel, oil, fluid and water delivery service

IAS products vary by state, form, and date. Information contained on this web page is general information only. Please see contract for the specific terms and conditions of coverage.