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What Should I Do If I Can't Find My Contract Outlining My Benefits?

Your selling dealer can provide you with a complete contract outlining the terms and conditions of the coverage purchased with your vehicle.

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How Do I Start A Claim On A Vehicle Service Contract?

While any dealer or repair facility will perform service, we recommend that you return to your original selling dealership because of its continued and personal interest in you. If you are touring or move, visit any dealer or licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada for repair service. If your vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty, return the vehicle to a manufacturer authorized dealer. Please instruct the dealership or repair facility to call the Administrator listed on your contract before any repair or teardown is done. All claims require prior approval from the Administrator.

If you have any questions regarding your coverage or benefits, please call the toll free number for the Administrator listed on your contract.

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How Do I Start a Claim for Other Programs?

You may contact the Administrator listed on the front of your contract. If you do not have your contract, you may contact your selling dealership for the Administrator's phone number. All claims require prior approval from the Administrator.

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How Will My Claim Get Paid?

The Administrator can pay the repair facility by credit card in most instances and you will only be responsible for a deductible, if any. By request a repair facility can also be paid by check. Credit card payment can usually be made within a few hours of repair order receipt.

All claims must have prior approval by the Administrator before any payment can be made.

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How Do I Cancel My Contract?

If your contract is cancellable, please contact your original selling dealership. Your dealer will be able to help you cancel your coverage. Depending on your coverage, a cancellation fee may be deducted from your refund. Any refund is based on the terms and conditions for your specific coverage and any refund you are entitled to will be paid to you by your selling dealer.

Please refer to your contract for details.

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Can You Give Me a Quote for any of the Millennium Products?

Contracts are only sold through a contracted selling dealership.

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Still have Questions?

Any further questions regarding your coverage should be directed to your selling dealership or the Administrator listed on your contract.

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