Key contacts

Leadership is defined as the ability to go ahead, to guide, and to direct – to foresee needs and opportunities – and to take action toward a valued goal. It requires bold thinking and timely decisions. This quality is what has made IAS a leader in providing proven, practical F&I solutions since 1984. Since that time, IAS has consistently brought new products, programs, services, and training to markets nationwide.

  • Bob Corbin

    Executive Chairman

  • Patrick Brown

    President and CEO

  • Mark Rinker

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Katherine Agnor

    Chief Information Officer

  • Frank Klaus

    Chief Senior Advisor

  • Douglas Guziec

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mike Forsythe

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sean Schembri

    General Counsel

  • Brad Hunter

    President of VSC Administration

  • Eric Mélon

    President of Sales

  • Scott Hendrix

    President National Accounts

  • John Lutman

    National Sales Director, Agent Channel

  • Robert Humble

    Sr. VP of Strategy & Corporate Development

  • Jennifer LePage

    Sr. Vice President of Operations

  • Ryan Smith

    Sr. VP of Marketing

  • Martha Harden Darby

    Senior Vice President of Vehicle Service Contracts

  • Matt Nowicki

    Vice President of Retail Software