SmartMenu: Present and Close

SmartMenu™ is a complete web-based menu generation system where F&I managers can create and visualize a real time menu complete with package and base payments. By harnessing the power of the Internet, dealer data can be shared between multiple offices and physical locations allowing a user with the appropriate permissions to change any setting including products and packages.

Certified DMS Integration

eRating and eContracting

It's not just about the software. It's about the sale.

SmartMenu PRO is the ultimate tool for maximizing profitability, increasing customer satisfaction, reducing chargebacks, and ensuring compliance in F&I offices across the country. It is the latest enhancement to SmartMenu, which was originally developed and released by IAS in 2001.

The development of SmartMenu PRO is the result of a decade of experience in training the IAS F&I process, and SmartMenu PRO is the perfect companion for the IAS F&I process. It delivers information to customers in a concise, modern and thought provoking way unlike anything else available to dealerships today. SmartMenu PRO is much more than a menu. In fact, the menu displayed by SmartMenu PRO is almost an afterthought compared to the presentation which precedes it.

SmartMenu PRO utilizes a consultative selling approach which tosses many of the conventional notions about F&I out the window. The crux of the SmartMenu PRO process is that the system gathers a wide array of data about the vehicle being purchased and combines that data with information collected about the customer and their purchase to illustrate the path by which the customer can have their best overall ownership experience.

F&I managers trained in this process start by confirming that the customer hopes for an ownership experience consisting of three things:

  • The highest use and enjoyment of the vehicle
  • The least aggravation
  • The lowest overall cost to own

Of course, all customers agree with these three aspects of their ownership experience, which sets up the remainder of the presentation. In addition to increased revenues and products sold, SmartMenu PRO allows the dealer to improve customer's perception of the F&I office, F&I products, and the customer's overall experience at the dealership.

SmartMenu Pro
Figure 1 - SmartMenu PRO takes this notion of "the best possible ownership experience" and electronically breaks that down into multiple "cost factors" which could adversely affect the ownership experience.
SmartMenu Pro
Figure 2 - SmartMenu PRO utilizes data gathered from trusted third party sources like VinCentric, Chrome Data, MOTOR Information Systems, and others to present factual data to the customer about their specific vehicle and their loan circumstances.
SmartMenu Pro
Figure 3 - SmartMenu PRO gives F&I managers unprecedented power by way of the "Vehicle Explorer", which allows them to highlight part and repair costs for the actual vehicle being purchased.

SmartMenu PRO can be utilized on all devices which support modern Internet browsers, including tablet devices. Some dealerships choose to employ large screen televisions mounted on the wall of the F&I office, giving the entire presentation a "wow" effect that's unprecedented.

Since SmartMenu PRO is built in to SmartMenu, it also includes all of the functionality within SmartMenu, including eRating/eContracting with 30+ providers, full certified DMS integration with 10+ DMS providers, identify verification, and much more.

SmartMenu PRO is available now to dealers across the United States. SmartMenu is currently utilized in close to 1,000 rooftops in all fifty states. It is supported by a dedicated team of developers, technical support representatives, trainers, and sales representatives based in Austin, TX and Oklahoma City, OK.

SmartMenu Pro
Figure 4 - The final step of the SmartMenu PRO process is the menu itself, which can be shown in a variety of formats.

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