Dealer services

Welcome to IAS dealer services, where you will find information catered specifically to dealers benefiting from the IAS product line. Contact us with any questions you have and we will address them quickly.

Private Labeling

IAS offers choice and flexibility with private labeling. IAS readily offers agencies, large dealer groups, vehicle service contract companies and even banks and credit unions the ability to private label a number of aftermarket products. IAS not only provides custom forms and excellent customer service and claims, but also customized design services and printed marketing materials to support the private label brand.


In partnership with the Zero Plan by Universal Lenders, LLC, IAS offers our agents and dealerships favorable payment terms to help market products by making them more affordable to customers. Funding is guaranteed within seven business days with a 100% refund on fees in the first sixty days for cancellations. This helps dealers increase product sales, utilize a dealer friendly platform to overcome objections and preserve profits by reducing cancellations.


At SmartDealerUniversity, F&I staff learn the most effective strategies for integrating SmartDealerProducts into individual F&I programs. The curriculum covers everything from understanding the role and responsibilities of F&I to effective closes.

SmartDealerUniversity helps dealership personnel understand new and changing laws regarding customer privacy and disclosure while becoming more effective in their delivery style and close. Our veteran SDU trainers are simply the best in the industry and are also certified through The Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP).

Customized Graphic Design

IAS staffs a full-service graphics department that is available to customize a variety of point-of-sale pieces for agents and dealers. With everything from laminates and brochures to window decals and mirror hangers, the IAS graphics department can customize professional-looking marketing materials at a fraction of the cost to help you maximize your selling potential.